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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

In the beginning of the year, I wrote a long post summarising my 2016 making lofty goals for 2017 to make my business reach new heights. I had the planners, I had the excel sheets, I had the release and marketing plans, ready to go. I was so going to do it.

Except I wasn’t feeling any of it at all.

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How to create amazing things – even as a beginner

A few years back I decided I wanted to learn to draw and paint. I enrolled in an art course and spent 4 hours at class, twice a week for an entire semester. The art school was a respectable old institution, and it stood on a weather-beaten island just outside my hometown Helsinki, Finland.

Every Wednesday and Thursday after work, I sat on a ferry and travelled 20 minutes to this island. Then I walked another 20 minutes from the ferry to the art school. This was autumn, so by then it was dark and it was usually raining.

Inside the art school, we stood in a big, cold, empty room, propped our easels up, took a chunk of coal and started drawing. We were drawing pots and vases at first, but soon we got a live model, that stood still for those four hours, as we did our best to capture every angle of his body.

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Limitations will help you to improve you quicker

The right tools in the right hands can really put your productivity on steroids. But when you’re first starting it can all feel really overwhelming.

On one hand you’re excited and you want to know EVERYTHING. On the other hand it’s really difficult to keep your head above the water, when you are constantly bombarded with information, recommendations, tools and tactics. The result is you spend more time reading books and blog posts, and learning about the latest tips and tricks than doing actual work.

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