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My creative pursuits in handmade cosmetics

Homemade Exfoliating Scrubbers

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Makes: About 12 scrubbers
  • Time: 30 mins + 30 minutes to set
  • Stores for 6 months

little exfoliating scrubbers

I just adore these little scrubbers. Usually you get your body scrub in a big pot, which probably sits in the edge of your bath tub for months. Each time you stick your hand in it, you add some water to it, which makes it go off quicker. That means your scrub needs to be full of strong preservatives to start with, and I’ve still had mold growing in it before the pot’s finished.

These scrubs are a great alternative. You can store them in a dry area of your bathroom and just use one, when you need exfoliating. They are easy to make, and they look gorgeous in the bathroom. They don’t have any preservatives, so store them in a lidded jar, and try not to get water in the jar. I’ve gone the extra mile and made them in three different scents and colours, but if you want to keep it simple, just one scent and colour will do fine.


I’m using Rose + red colour, Dewberry + plum colour and Wet Garden + green colour

Chop the cocoa butter to smaller chunks so that it melts quicker. I’m using the deodorised cocoa butter. Deodorised means that the chocolatey scent and creamy colour have been removed, so your cocoa butter is white and neutral smelling cocoa. Deodorised is better, when you’re adding colour and scent of your own.

Cocoa butter

Put the cocoa butter in a double boiler and heat until completely liquid.

little exfoliating scrubbers

I’m using avocado oil for this recipe, but any other light oil, such as sweet almond or grapeseed oil, will work fine. Add the oils into the melted cocoa butter. Also add the polysorbate. This is an optional ingredient, and you can leave it out if you want to keep your scrubbers as natural as possible. Polysorbate will help your oils wash off in the shower, which makes the scrubbers less greasy and your shower less slippery.

little exfoliating scrubbers

What’s a sugar scrub without sugar, eh? You can use ordinary caster sugar, no fancy stuff needed. I prefer sugar to salt, although salt can be used as well. However, I find that salt can be a bit stinging if you have scratches (!) or you’ve been shaving recently. (Or maybe I just need a better razor.)

exfoliating sugar scrub

Wait for the butter + oil mix too cool down a little. Once you can touch the jar without burning your hands, you’re good to go. This is because if you add your sugar in super hot oils, it will simply melt and you’ll end up with very sweet body butter truffles without much scrubbing action. Mix the sugar in quickly, it will help the oils cool further. Divide the mixture in three equal parts in separate containers.

exfoliating scrub

Now it’s time to add your scents and colours.

essential oils

I’ve added about 10 drops of fragrance in each batch, which is quite a lot. Feel free to let your nose guide you here. I’ve also just eyeballed the colours. I think each took about 5 drops of colour, but this really depends on your colours and the depth of colour that you want.

exfoliating sugar scrubbers

Spoon the mixture into molds. I’m using little chocolate molds, but you can use anything that is about the right size. Try silicone ice cube trays, especially the ones that come in nice shapes. Then let the scrubbers set. You can pop them in the fridge to speed things up. They don’t take very long.

exfoliating little scrubbers

Once your scrubbers are completely solid, pop them out of the molds. You can put them in a lidded jar which will protect them from moisture or you can just place them in a nice bowl.

To use, pick one scrubber and wet it under the shower or in the bath. Press the scrubber to make it crumble and use the pieces to exfoliate arms and legs, or wherever you feel a good scrub is needed.

Exfoliating scrubbers

Homemade Body Butter

Difficulty: Fairly easy
Makes: 4 x 200ml pots
Time: 1 hour + 5 hours for cooling
Storage: 6-9 months

Body Mousse


Ahh the body mousse, one of Peppy Galore’s most popular and most loved products. This handmade body butter version of the body mousse is wonderful for very dry skin or for any skin during the dull winter months.

The body mousse is a bit of a tricky product, which is why you can’t get it from just any shop out there – it really needs to be handmade. The success of your handmade body butter really depends on the quality of it’s main ingredient – the mango butter. As a natural product mango butter can vary in texture and colour. Sometimes it can be very creamy, and doesn’t want to fluff up easily. At other times it can be very dry and feel grainy to the touch. It doesn’t have a strong scent in itself, but sometimes it can absorb the scent of your essential oils. Talking about a moody ingredient!

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Homemade Facial Toner

Natural floral waters can be used to make lovely homemade facial toners. They contain all the wonderful skin loving properties of the flowers and herbs that were used to make them. Use floral water toners to finish your skin cleansing routine, to remove any remaining cleanser or makeup, and to calm and tone the skin.

Many shop bought toners include all sorts of ingredients that might irritate your skin. They also often include alcohol, because of it’s astringent properties, but alcohol can really dry your skin.

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The Oil Cleansing Method Tutorial

I created this tutorial to show my customers how to use the oil cleansing method. Although these products are no longer available, the principals of oil cleansing remain the same! You can create your homemade versions of the cleansers by using some simpler ingredients and choosing the oils that you probably already have in your cupboard. Suitable oils for cleansing are:

  • Olive Oil – quite a heavy oil, good for dry, mature or weather-beaten skin
  • Almond Oil – great for sensitive skin
  • Avocado Oil – for all skin types, especially dry and mature skins
  • Coconut Oil – try for any skin type, although I’d be cautious with blemished skin
  • Hazelnut Oil – perfect for oily skin

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The Body Mousse vs The Body Butter

It’s the battle of the body butters! Check out this video, where Peppy Galore Body Mousses challenge Your Average Body Butter in an intense five round battle.

Round 1: Ingredients

Peppy Galore Body Mousses are made from 4 ingredients only: mango butter, avocado oil, Vitamin E and essential oils. Your Average Body Butter is made of butters and oils too, but it also contains water, emulsifiers, several different types of preservatives, and in some cases petrochemicals and silicones. Continue Reading…