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Limitations are the new freedom

The right tools in the right hands can really put your productivity on steroids. But when you’re first starting it can all feel really overwhelming.

On one hand you’re excited and you want to know EVERYTHING. On the other hand it’s really difficult to keep your head above the water, when you are constantly bombarded with information, recommendations, tools and tactics. The result is you spend more time reading books and blog posts, and learning about the latest tips and tricks than doing actual work.

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She quit her life and moved to Indonesia

A Finnish tabloid newspaper published a story about Susanna, who went travelling to Indonesia. Initially, the trip was supposed to be a sabbatical, lasting for about a year, but the sun, the sea and the small island of Gili Trawangan stole Susanna’s heart. She decided not to return back home. That meant leaving behind the life as she knew it. She had a job in an IT-company. She had just bought a brand new flat. She didn’t have any family or friends in Indonesia, but she decided to stay.

The story received a lot of attention. The newspaper’s comments box was filled with varying responses. Many were positive. Some readers were inspired by Susanna’s story, and voiced their own dreams of moving abroad, away from the cold and dark Finnish climate. Some readers were bitter and cynical.

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