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I made a remix of Saint Agnes' Daughter of Lucifer. I love the original song and felt inspired to make this...
It's my birthday! (open for pressies!)
I'm not quite in a place where I'd be comfortable telling you exactly how young I will be turning this...
Deliveries are delayed due to COVID
Hey all, I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that deliveries seem to be taking a lot longer...
Notes From Lockdown
What strange times we are living. Feels like the entire world has stopped, although of course, it hasn't. I've been...
[Vlog] - 2 things that I WILL do and 2 things I will NOT do in 2020
2019 was probably my most productive year ever. I released 4 singles, all with an accompanying video. I ran a...
Dark Heart was released a year ago!
On Friday 8 February 2019 I released my first solo single. It was Dark Heart, and SO MUCH has happened...