WIN Warrior Mega Bundle

WIN Warrior Mega Bundle

Today I have something fun to share with you!

I've just launched a Warrior sweepstake, which will give you a chance to win the Warrior Mega Bundle. It includes a CD or Vinyl (your choice), a hoodie, the download bundle and an ultra rare Warrior vinyl test press.

In order to take part, simply sign up using the link below.

Warrior Sweepstake

Now here comes the fun part. The winner of this sweepstake is not going to be selected randomly, but by based on points they collect.

When you sign up to the competition, you will receive 5 points and a unique referral link that you can share with other people who you think might love this album.

For every person that signs up through your link, you'll gain an additional 10 points.

You can also rack up more points by sharing the sweepstake on social media. You will see sharing buttons at the bottom of the thank you page after you've signed up. 

Even if you were not the winner, there is a second prize which will go to the person that referred the winner.

i hope you enjoy the sweepstake! I'll be announcing the winner on Monday 8 November.

Here's the link again: Warrior Sweepstake

Rock on,


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