Dark synth pop music

Day 2 - Villainess

Day 2 - Villainess

Here’s some more dark synthpop music for you. The second track is called Villainess, and it’s the title track of my upcoming album, which will be released on 23 August.

The track was inspired by the Disney Villainesses; Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, The Evil Queen... It’s a celebration of people who go after what they want in life, without much worry about what other people may think about them. Most of all the song is about not letting the fear other people’s judgment hold you back.

Click to stream Villainess

Here’s the music video for Villainess

And here’s the “behind the scenes” -video, where a talk a bit about writing the song and what the lyrics are about

PS. The full album "Villainess" is out 23 August. Check out the full details here.