Dark synth pop music

Day 3 - Velcra

Day 3 - Velcra

We have two days of dark synth pop by my behind us, and today I thought I’d share something a little different with you. The tracks that you’ve heard so far are from the upcoming album “Villainess” which is my very first solo record. But it’s actually my fourth studio album. 

I used to be in an industrial metal band called Velcra. We were signed to Virgin Records and released three albums altogether. Velcra was more an industrial metal band, but our roots were always in electronic music. I thought I’d share one of those tracks with you today.

This one is called “Quick and Dirty” and it’s from our third album Hadal. It’s a stomping dance track with a cheeky video where I play a very twisted children’s program host.

Click to stream Quick and Dirty

Here’s the music video for Quick and Dirty

PS. The full album "Villainess" is out 23 August. Check out the full details here.