Dark synth pop music

Day 4 - The Blue Pill

Day 4 - The Blue Pill

I hope you’ve been enjoying the previous 3 days of dark synth pop. Today’s track is a bit different, it’s not a full track - yet. This one is my next single, which will be out on 7 June. It’s called The Blue Pill.

The song title will probably already give you the clue but the song is influenced by the movie Matrix. As I’m always on the side of the villains, this is a love song from Agent Smith to humanity.

I’m not going to leave you empty-handed, though. I’ve created another behind-the-scenes video about this song, which will also give you a taste of the song. Since you’re now a subscriber on my email list, I will be emailing you the link to the song as soon as it comes out.

Here’s a preview of The Blue Pill, to be released on 7 June.