Spotify 101
Jessi Frey

Spotify 101

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I've condensed on this course everything that I've learned about releasing my music and finding listeners for it over the past couple of years. The lessons as quick and simple as possible because you need time to make our music and art!

This course will cover the following:

  • Why Spotify rocks and why it sucks
  • How much will you get paid for streams and what impacts your payments (because not every streams pays the same)
  • How to get your music on Spotify (and all other streaming services)
  • How to release your music on digital services (step-by-step walkthrough)
  • When to release your music for maximum impact
  • How to grow your following on Spotify
  • Three types of playlists on Spotify and how to get on each of them
  • How to find good playlists to get included in
  • The playlisting strategies you SHOULD NEVER do
  • How to find great playlists to be featured on using Facebook and Twitter



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