Dark synth pop music



Velcra was my life for about 10 years. It started as a project between me and my brother in 2000, blossomed into a full punk rock industrial band, and then mellowed into a dark, trip-hoppy pop until going under in 2008. We released two albums on Virgin Records: Consequences of Disobedience (2001) and Between Force and Fate (2005) and Hadal (2005) through our own label Underarts.


Music Videos

Big Brother 

This video was created by Tuukka Temonen and the students of Voionmaan Opisto in 2002.

My Law

This video was shot on our German tour in 2003, when we were opening for Oomph!

Memory Loss

Directed and animated by CHRZU in 2005.

Dusk Becomes A Dawn

We had the loose idea of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, emerging from a dark place into light. Most of it just happened on the scene without much scripting and my dance was completely improvised.

Cant' Stop Fighting

Directed by Taku Kaskela. A big thank you to the 130 volunteers that came to party with us at the shoot!

Our Will Against Their Will

This video was shot at Tavastia, Helsinki. What a gig!

The Bong Song

This was the first video that we made ourselves. We liked it so much that we decided to make all the rest of our videos ourselves. This is 2005 or maybe 2006.

Quick and Dirty

I had the idea of a crazy children's program, and we just made this with not much fuss. I still love it.