Dark synth pop music


Villainess is my first solo-album. Release date 23 August 2019.

  • All music and vocals performed by Jessi Frey

  • Produced by Jessi Frey and Mikko Herranen

  • Recorded and mixed by Mikko Herranen at Noise Floor Studios

  • Mastered by The Right Reverend Dr Moody

  • Album art by Inka Simola/Visuable

  • Album photography by Scott Chalmers

Track list:

  1. Dark Heart

  2. The Blue Pill

  3. Villainess

  4. Rich Happy Hot

  5. I Want To Be Evil

  6. Kill Them With Kindness

  7. All Monsters Are Human

  8. Addict Nation

  9. In These Shoes?

Villainess - Released 19 April 2019

Dark Heart - Released 09 February 2019.