Addict Nation Industrialised! [+ Vlog]

Addict Nation Industrialised! [+ Vlog]

Another month, another remix!

This month's release is a collaboration with The Fair Attempts who also made the awesome Punisher Remix of Dark Heart .

I was very clear at the time of making Villainess that I didn't want to incorporate guitars or screams into the songs. I wanted it to be the purest little slice of synthpop.

But things change...

After we played the gig with my band Velcra back in October, I really felt like playing around with a slightly heavier sound. So I reached out to The Fair Attempts and asked if he'd like to work with me on "industrialising" Addict Nation. Clearly he was the right man for the job...

Addict Nation - industrialised!

So we created an industrial version of Addict Nation. I recorded some new vocals. He got the guitar out. It was a lot of fun. Check it out! 

Addict Nation on Spotify

Addict Nation on Apple Music

Addict Nation on Amazon

And it's of course on every other streaming service out there as well, but I'm lazy about adding more links, because there are like 150 of them...

I also did a little vlog about the making of Addict Nation. 



PS. Let me know what you think of this version! Just hit reply to this email or pop on over to my Facebook page and leave a comment.


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