Hi there, I'm Jessi Frey. Let me take you on a journey through my world of music, where each song has its own story and every album marks a new chapter in my life.

I started my musical adventure as the lead singer of Velcra, a Finnish industrial metal band. We were all about mixing the hard with the soft, both in our music and me in my vocals.


We got signed with Virgin Records after releasing just one demo. Our albums hit the top-40 charts in Finland, and we even got nominated for the best newcomer at Emma Gaala – the Finnish version of the Grammy’s. Touring with bands like Guano Apes and OOMPH! was an amazing experience, taking our music across Europe before we decided to go our separate ways in 2008.

For the next decade I thought I was done with music. I moved to Bristol, UK and embarked on a new career - developing music apps for Nokia, and exploring the wild world of entrepreneurship.


But music came back to me, despite my resistance. Songs started to play in my head and I decided to release another album, this time as a solo act. 2019 saw the release of 'Villainess', my first solo album that I wrote, programmed and produced myself. It was a shift from the metal scene to a dark, retro inspired synth pop sound. Creating 'Villainess' felt like exploring uncharted territory. It was both scary and exciting. To my delight, it resonated with listeners and climbed up to #7 in Finland’s physical sales charts.

My second album, 'Warrior', was written during the deepest, darkest months of the pandemic. It was return to my musical roots in many ways. I found inspiration in the classic sounds of industrial bands like NIN, Skinny Puppy and PIG as well as the contemporary vibes of the cyberpunk and darksynth scenes. 'Warrior' is a blend of my past and present. Warrior was welcomed especially by the industrial lovers, and so far the single Bloodsport has spent two years on the Spotify's Industrial playlist.


But my journey in music has been more than just creating albums. It's been about growing as a person and as an artist. With each song I write and each album I release, I try to challenge myself a little more. And that’s what I want to share with you – not just the music, but the stories behind the songs, the experiences that shaped me and the way I experience the world.

I invite you to join me on this ongoing adventure. Let's explore the power of music together and see where this journey takes us.