Black Acid World - Brand New Death (featuring me!)

Black Acid World - Brand New Death (featuring me!)

Here’s a little surprise - a new track I’m featuring on! It’s by a band called Black Acid World and the track is called Brand New Death.

The project came about a few months back when the band got in touch with me and asked me to contribute. I'm always up for featuring on other people's tracks, as there's always something to learn from the experience. So naturally, I said yes. 

This was a slightly unusual project, as it was done completely virtually. Black Acid World is located in Finland, while I am in England. I was sent the track, I sang my bits and then sent them back. And here’s the track. Enjoy!

Meanwhile the work on my own record continues. I’m still writing new songs, even though I keep thinking that I should be putting more time on polishing up the tracks that I already have, as I will be working on them in the studio in just a few short weeks’ time.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when things are flowing, I won’t disrupt. New songs keep spilling out of me, and each one feels better and more exciting than the previous one. My sound is starting to solidify now that I have more songs. I’m getting clearer on what works and what the overall look and feel of everything is going to be.

But for now enjoy the Brand New Death!

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