Dark Heart is out now!

Dark Heart is out now!

Today is the day!

Dark Heart is out now, and you can download it for nada. If you are on my email list then just go check out your inbox and the download link will be waiting for you there. If you’re not, then click the “FREE TRACK” link up at the top of this page, subscribe to my email list and I will send the download link to you directly.

About the track

Dark Heart i one of my favourite tracks on the album. I wrote the song quite late in the process. I wanted to create a dark, moody track which would still be quite aggressive and forward-pushing. I was inspired by some of the darksynth artists that I had recently discovered, like 20Six Hundred and Terrortron.

The lyrics are about unrequited love. Pretty much all songs and stories about unrequited (one-sided) love are from the perspective of the person whose feelings are not returned. But what goes on for that other person? That’s what this song is about, the experience of the one-sided love from the perspective of the person who is unable to return the love.

Now what?

Well, did you like it? Whether you did or not, then leave a comment below! What bands, tracks or things does it make you think of? I’d be really curious to hear.

If you want to help me and spread the love, then just go ahead and copy this link https://jessifrey.com/freetrack and paste it wherever you want.

I hope you like it!

Jessi. xx


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