Final Call - pre-orders close tonight + album release delayed

Final Call - pre-orders close tonight + album release delayed

So here we are, 28 days later, and the pre-sale of the album Villainess closes tonight at midnight.

I just got the final album cover artwork which you can see above! Isn’t it gorgeous! :)

Now, I have some good news and some bad news...

The good news is, the campaign has been a great success, and as a result, I've decided to invest in a promoter. She's awesome and I'm really looking forward to launching this album with her in a big way.

The bad news is that because of this, the album release date is going to be pushed back by a couple of months. We're looking at the end of August.

If you've placed an order, then worry not, you will get the digital bundle on the 7 June. The T-shirts, hoodies, and CDs will also be delivered on that day. The vinyl is likely to take a little longer, but I will keep you updated on the progress and get it to you asap!

So if you're looking forward to hearing the album in June rather than after the summer, do get your bundle from Indiegogo.

Now, let me assure you that this is not some BS last-minute sales trick. This thing popped up as a result of some incredibly supportive people, and the fact that we've reached close to 150% of the goal. I got to talks with this promoter towards the end of last week and decided to go for it. This is a great opportunity to get some wider attention for the release, but in order to do that, she needs a bit more time to execute the plan, so the release will be delayed a bit.

Two additional bundles

I've added two last-minute bundles on the campaign; T-shirt + Digital bundle and Hoodie + Digital bundle. So, if you do want a shirt or a hoodie but not a physical record, these bundles are for you. 

The campaign ends tonight at midnight. So if you want to take part, here's the link:

And that's it! What a ride it's been! If you've already taken part, thank you so much. I've got some new music and videos coming your way later this month.

Speak soon,


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