It's my birthday! (open for pressies!)

It's my birthday! (open for pressies!)

I'm not quite in a place where I'd be comfortable telling you exactly how young I will be turning this week, but I still intend to party!

To celebrate my birthday I came up with two presents for you, which also could be presents for me... no strings attached but stay with me and I'll explain.

  Download "Becoming Villainess" for FREE


For this week only I'm offering the digital download version of my book "Becoming Villainess for FREE. This ebook details the journey of writing the album and the stories behind the songs. The book contains 138 pages with over 60 images. And today I want to give it to you for free!

If you want to be nice to me, there is an option to follow/like me on a bunch of social media accounts, but you can skip the steps if you don't want to. (But it would be nice if you would. ) Just click this link, follow the steps, and you will get a link to download the ebook.

Birthday Sale!

As a second present to you, I've put a 20% discount on all products in my shop for the rest of the week. No coupon codes needed, everything is automatically reduced at the checkout. So now is a nice time to grab the record or get a new shirt. I've also added some trendy new face mask -type things in there. 

I'm celebrating my birthday until the end of the week, so you have until Sunday midnight to grab the album or shop with 20% off. Happy birthday to me! ;)


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