My 5-Minute Career in Stand-up Comedy

My 5-Minute Career in Stand-up Comedy

I decided to sign up on a 6-week stand-up comedy course in October, and for the following six weeks I spent my Saturdays learning the tricks of the trade. (I wrote about that in here). 

The course ended in a Comedy Schools Showcase, where we all performed our 5 minutes of comedy to a real live audience.

It was a blast, and I definitely learned a lot from the course. There are many fascinating aspects of writing and performing comedy, which I can use in many areas in my life. However, I decided that now is not the time to branch out , as I was mere 4 days away from entering the studio to record my first solo album.

We’ll see if I will get back to comedy, but for now, I think this is it.

I hope you enjoy it.;)


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