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It's the season of the witch and I'm excited to welcome this month of magic ahead of us!  This is my favourite time of the year, when the days turn bright and crisp, the leaves turn red and yellow, and a strange blend of anticipation and sorrow fills my heart. 

September was pretty amazing. I visited Finland for a a bit of promo and to rehearse for the upcoming gig. Which gets me to the first thing I wanted to talk about here...

One more week until the gig! 

We are ready and excited about the upcoming, one-off Velcra gig. It will be epic. If you haven't for some reason got your tickets, there are a couple of competitions going on where you + a friend can win free tickets. Check them out on Kaaoszine's and Soundi's sites. (Finnish I'm afraid but if you don't speak Finnish I'm sure Google will be able to help.)

And you MIGHT still be able to receive your Velcra t-shirts and hoodies in time for the gig if you order them NOW, but I can't promise that because we're cutting so close now, and the deliveries take about a week. But in case you want to give it a go, click here to order some.

New Remix(es)

I released a new remix by Tensil Tonnis last week, and I've got more remixes coming up. I'm planning on releasing one per month, so keep an eye out for those. New versions of Rich Happy Hot, All Monsters Are Human and The Blue Pill brewing... They are awesome, thumping, dancey re-works of the originals. I'm excited and very honored to have had some awesome people making these remixes for me. Feel free to follow me on Spotify to get the tracks as soon as they are released!

Something new coming together... very slowly...

Remember when I said earlier that I won't be touring with Villainess, because putting together a live show that kicks butt takes so much time and effort and I have a little project I've been slowly working on which I want to complete and get out there...

Well, all of it is true. Rehearsing for the Velcra gig has taken pretty much all of my spare time, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it, but I'm also making progress on my secret project.

It may all still go horribly wrong, as I haven't ever really created anything like this before, but I'm going to be brave and share a little sneak peek...

What do you think it is? ;)

So, a lot of excitement ahead. And it's only been a little over a month since Villainess was released. Feels like a lifetime already! 

Anyway... one more week...

Until then,




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