Stubbornly choosing my own path

Stubbornly choosing my own path

In a world full of stimulation, constantly feeding our addiction to novelty, what happens when we become saturated? Nothing is exciting anymore. We've seen it all. We're unimpressed. 

I have felt this shift and it feels like processing a loss. Future used to feel sparkly and bright and like an unopened Christmas present. All my life I've felt that anything is possible if I just go for it and maybe it is, but I've grown tired of it.

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.", like John Lennon put it so wisely. That's what I'm talking about here. 

When will come the moment when the potential of the future becomes a missed opportunity of the past? If we let go of the could-be's and the forever unfulfilled potential, what is left?

I want to learn to look elsewhere, find a alternative. Instead of reaching out to the shiny promises of the future, I want to see if there is another way to live. A way that isn't fuelled by hunger and a need for validation.

I've started and re-started this blog so many times, because it hasn't felt right. I've learned everything there is to learn about doing it right, and it all feels wrong. Yet, I feel I will need to keep going until I find me way.

What will come out of stubbornly choosing my own path?

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