The Crowdfunding Campaign is Live!

The Crowdfunding Campaign is Live!

Here we go!

I’m really excited to let you know that the crowdfunding campaign for Villainess has gone live on Indiegogo today. That means you can pre-order the album and a selection of early bird merch, which you will get on (or even before) the official release date of 7 June.

The campaign is live NOW and it will be running until the 8 April.

Special alert to Velcra fans! I will be offering a very special limited edition bundle with rare Velcra goodies, so keep reading if this is something you want to know more about.

If you’re ready to jump right in, here’s the link to the campaign:

What is Indiegogo and why am I doing this?

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform, which enables artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs to sell their products before they are publicly available. This helps creators to raise money towards the manufacturing costs of the products. It’s a safe technical platform used by thousands of people to safely manage transactions. 

The music and the art is all done, so this album is definitely happening! But, there are still many things that need creating (and paying for!) that traditionally would have been covered by a record label.

I suppose I could just stick the album on Spotify and be done with it, but many people have reached out to ask whether I'm doing physical records. So, I'm doing this crowdfunding campaign is to fund the physical production of this album.

I will be offering physical CDs as well as vinyl, t-shirts, hoodies, and posters, and manufacturing it all requires up-front investment. This campaign will also give me a good idea for how many pieces I should get manufactured in the first place.

It's all or nothing!

I chose the campaign to be "fixed funding", which means either I reach the target goal and can proceed with the plan. Or I won't, and I get nothing (don't worry you won't get charged either). I figured that if I don't manage to raise the money for manufacturing the physical records, then that means not enough people want them so there's no point in making them. Also, living on the edge, baby! So if you fancy yourself some good old fashioned physical music, get involved!

What can you order?

I’ve put together various bundles, so hopefully, there is something for everyone’s liking and budget.

The Digital Bundle

First of all, there is a special digital bundle, which includes high-quality WAV-files of all the tracks + high-quality instrumental versions of all tracks. These are really nice! I don’t know if I’ll be offering the instrumentals separately so this is your chance to get your hand on them! The digital bundle will also include all the artwork of the physical CDs in a digital format. 

The CDs and Vinyl

I’m going to be manufacturing both CDs and vinyl. It was NOT my intention to create vinyl initially, but so many people requested them, so I decided to go for them. You can buy the records on their own, or in a bundle with a hoodie or a T-shirt. All bundles will also include the digital bundle.

T-Shirts and Hoodies

These will come with the logo that my Facebook and Instagram followers voted for. There will be black, unisex, and great quality. You can choose from M, L or XL sizes.

Mega Bundle

This bundle will have one of everything mentioned above plus a physical poster of Villainess the photo.

Velcra Bundle

I decided to put together a very special bundle of extremely limited edition Velcra goodies from my personal archives. It will include Hadal as a physical CD, which I know is pretty impossible to find anywhere anymore.

Executive Producer Bundle

If you’ve ever wanted to add the Executive record producer title to your CV, then here is your chance! This fun bundle will include everything in the mega bundle plus executive producer credits on Villainess CDs, Vinyl and anywhere else that credits are mentioned.What happens next?

The campaign will be running from today until 8 April. That means you can visit the site anytime and order the bundle of your choice. Once the campaign has closed, I will start manufacturing the THINGS and get them shipped over to you. 

PLEASE NOTE: due to the slow manufacturing process of the vinyl, you may not receive your vinyl on 7 June. I just want to let you know right now! But I will get this done as quickly as possible and will keep you updated on the process.

I will also be posting videos on my Youtube and Facebook accounts, where I introduce each track on the album, and you will get a chance to hear snippets of them. I will be sending weekly update emails with updates as usual.

Even if you don’t want to get involved in the campaign yourself, please consider sharing the campaign with someone you know who you think might enjoy dark synth pop music! I will be forever grateful to you! 🙂

So if you’re ready to check out the campaign, just head over here:

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