The New Project Revealed

The New Project Revealed

In my last post I was hinting that I am working on a new project, which fills me with joy and dread in equal amounts. Since then lots of people have reached out to me to ask what it is, so I thought I’m just going to start talking about it openly. I usually have something pretty much ready before I get more specific, but this project is bigger, so it might be fun to take you on the ride with me. Besides the cat is out of the bag so here we go…

I’m making a new record!

I haven’t made almost any music since Velcra’s Hadal, apart from a few little bits and bobs. So this is kinda big and scary. But also very exciting.

It’s going to be my solo album. I’m writing and programming the entire album all by myself and I’m working with with someone on vocal recordings, mixing and mastering (more details coming soon).

I have studio time booked for December, and I might have something to share with you early next year.

I will be posting regular updates on this blog. If you want to get them as soon as they come out, please subscribe to my email list, because you never know whether Facebook or Instagram decides to show my posts to you or not. I also try to create something special to my subscribers every now and then.

So here it is! Do you have any questions? You can post them below, or email me via the contact form and I’ll answer them in the upcoming blog posts.

Exciting times!

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