Wanna know the whole story?

Wanna know the whole story?

I wrote a book!

Back in April I had the idea of writing a book about Villainess. I wanted to create a little companion to the album, something that would tell the stories of the songs, display the lyrics, and share some of the amazing photography that was made for the album art.

It was going to be a little booklet, maybe 20 or 30 pages long.

Here we are, six months later, and this little idea has turned into a full-on 138-page coffee table book. It's beautiful.

One part Making of...

I introduce every song in the book, telling a little bit about how the song came about and what the lyrics are about. Each song section also includes lyrics, imagery, and photos specifically related to that song.

One part photobook...

A big part of the making of the album was all the photography that was created. I had hundreds of photos that I couldn't possibly feature in the album covers, so a lot of those pictures are now featured in the book.

I also dug up all my old Velcra photos and chose some images to be included. Many of them have never been published before.

One part diary...

As I started to write the book, I realised there was so much more that I wanted to say about the entire process of making music and art. I went all the way back to my early days, pre-Velcra and told the stories of how I started to write music, and what are the unconventional advice that helped me the most along the way.

The book is available as Paperback print version, and as a downloadable ebook. (Please note the paperback book takes about 2 weeks to arrive.)

Visit my store to take a closer look!

Villainess Paperback: https://jessifrey.com/collections/books/products/becoming-villainess-paperback
Villainess ebook: https://jessifrey.com/collections/books/products/becoming-villainess-ebook

I hope you like it!



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