What's Your Opinion On These Designs?

What's Your Opinion On These Designs?

Last week I announced that my record is going to be released on 7 June and that I’ll be running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in March. I will be offering various packages that will allow you to pre-order the new album as well as a bunch of art around it.

I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve made a deliberate decision not to seek a record company to collaborate with. I want to release this album by myself. I’ve already created and paid for all the music and art itself, so this record will be released come hell or high water.

I’m doing the crowdfunding campaign for two reasons: first of all I’m hoping to raise some funds to pay for the physical production of the album and secondly I’m using the campaign to create awareness and introduce you to the album.

As I was pondering what to put in these packages, I realised that what I think matters a lot less than what you think, so I thought I’d better get your opinion. Also, I have so much design amazigness to choose from, that it’s frankly quite impossible for me to make up my mind!

So, now I would like to hear your expert opinion!

  1. The Record

First of all I’m going to be offering a digital download package which will include the album as high quality digital files, including instrumental versions of all the tracks (these are awesome by the way!). I will also include cover-art type of digital material with photos, lyrics and credits.

Now my question to you is: would you want a physical CD? I’ve been really determined to release the album as a CD but it’s really expensive, whichever way I look at it. So before i go ahead and order a big box of CDs only to have them collect dust, I’d like to know whether this is something you would still want?

Question #1 - physical CD: yes or no?

2. T-Shirts + Hoodies

Ok, there will definitely be a T-Shirt, maybe also a hoodie. But what should I print on it?

First of all, let me take a moment to squeal in excitement for all of these options. My designer at Visuable is amazing, and I have so many great options to choose from that I genuinely don’t know what to choose.

Option 1 - Jessi Frey logo 1

Option 2 - Jessi Frey logo 2

Option 3 - Villainess - logo (this can be golden too)

Option 4 - Villainess - picture

Question #2a - Which t-shirt design 1, 2, 3 or 4?

Questions #2b - Hoodies, yes or no?

3. Posters

The final item I’m planning to make is posters. I think these will look really cool in real life. But again, what do you think I should print on them? Should I go for the album cover photo, or the Villainess icon? The size is going to be 12in x 12 in (think vinyl record)

Question #3 - Poster option 1 or 2?

Just write your choices in the comments below, even just to one of them if you’re not fussed about all of them. I will also be posting these on Facebook and Instagram, so you can go there and cast your vote if you preferred to do that instead.

What would you choose?

Oh and let me just say, sharing your opinion doesn’t mean that you will have to buy. ;)


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