Writing by the crashing waves

Writing by the crashing waves

I’ve made a comeback! XD

Villainess the single was released on 19 April and it made a nice little splash. Dark Heart took a month to get its first 1000 plays on YouTube, but Villainess got there in a week. The single and the news of my “comeback” got covered by several Finnish music sites such as Inferno, Findance, desibeli.net and Kaaoszine. It also got a nice long post on Talk About Pop Music

There’s also some nice activity on Spotify. Have you checked out the single there? Here’s the direct link: https://open.spotify.com/album/2dXWcy33eJtNttYOGKhr8W?si=rugb7l2iSKiEauw8qYl57g

Indiegogo update

Since the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ended I’ve been working on getting the CD and vinyl manufacturing underway. It’s turning out to be slower than anticipated, as there are a few steps in the process that I wasn't expecting. I don’t think this will delay the projected date of 7 June for the Indiegogo backers to get the CD, but I'll keep you posted.

Vinyl will take longer, as expected, but it’s going to be so beautiful. I am planning on a very special twist to it, and will share it as soon as it’s confirmed.

Vinyl will take longer, as expected, but it’s going to be so beautiful. I am planning on a very special twist to it, and will share it as soon as it’s confirmed.

Musing by the seaside

Otherwise, it was Easter which meant… holidays! I spent time away with my loved ones and didn’t do work. Not that much. Well a little bit, but not much.

We went to the seaside. The weather was beautiful, and we stayed in a place that had a huge glass terrace overlooking the sea. So I’ve been staring at the sea a lot. It is such a magical, beautiful thing, and always makes me long for more of its presence. Listening to the waves of the Atlantic crashing against the rugged cliffs is so deeply calming and meditative and also a bit intimidating and wild. It was the perfect time to let my body and mind rest and do some writing and reflecting.

I started journaling a couple of months ago and it’s been such a good thing for me. I have a planner which asks for short weekly entries, longer monthly reflections and goal setting prompts and then broader quarterly contemplations around different areas of life. I guess these monthly blog posts are a bit like the journal too, but my planner is for personal stuff. And it’s paper! I need to write on it with a pen! So old skool.

I’ve really enjoyed writing it, and it’s been manageable as the weekly entries are short. It’s good to write down the things that have been most pressing and it has really helped me keep my head straight.

I’m an ideas person and a multi-passionate (in case you hadn’t noticed yet, haha!). I’m at my best when I have several things going on at the same time, but I’m also a bit promiscuous when it comes to staying loyal to my projects.

What tends to happen is that I have ideas and I also like to bring them to life rather than just dream about doing them. Unlike a lot of other idea-people, I actually DO finish what I start, but I tend to be a bit promiscuous when it comes to sticking with these ideas.

I often struggle to bring all of my disparate ideas together. The shiny new things make me question the direction I’ve taken before and then I just want to scrap everything and start over. So my ideas don’t compound and then I just end up with a bunch of projects that never get the chance to flourish properly. That’s why I love making music because it provides so many different outlets for creative ideas. (And I get to hang around dressed like Maleficent).

Journaling has really, REALLY helped me with this. The weekly reflections give me a moment to check my head and I take the time out to look at the bigger picture of everything. Life, work, creative projects. It’s been helping me stay balanced and remind myself of the big important things in life.

Try it. It can do wonders.


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