X marks the spot! (special pre-order bundle)

X marks the spot! (special pre-order bundle)

Ok, so you might have seen me waving the Villainess CDs around on social media and the little packets going out to my Indiegogo backers. I’ve had a few people reach out to me asking where they can order Villainess and I’m very excited to announce that THE ALBUM IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDERS.

I have teamed up with the coolest record store in Finland called Record Shop X who are handling the orders and shipping of the CDs and vinyls for me. I will have available on my website at some point, but right now I will let these guys take care of everything. They do same-day worldwide shipping, quicker and cheaper than I ever could, so I will let them take care of all that for now. They have been super supportive of me, which has been incredible. Love them!

I wanted both of the records to be as cool as possible - so cool they are! The CD is a digipak with a 12-page booklet. The vinyl comes in- wait for it - golden vinyl. Yes, the actual record is golden, not black. I’ve never had any of my records released on vinyl, so this is super exciting.

Special pre-order bundle

The official release date is 23 August, but the album is now available for pre-orders and we’ve put together a special package for pre-orders only. It will include a hand-signed photo and a free download of the instrumental album.

The instrumental album is actually really cool. The songs sound quite different without the vocals, very synthwave-y and it’s great to listen to when your working or doing something else. Check out the Villainess instrumental below to get a taste of what it’s like.

The prices on the website are in euros only, but don’t let them confuse you. The CD is €17.99 which is about £16/$20 and the vinyl is €29.99 which works out about £27/$33. This of course depends a little on the day and whatnot. But this gives you an idea in case you’re not super familiar with how much an euro is in your currency.

Check it out at Record Shop X


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