You and Me are The Blue Pill, baby!

You and Me are The Blue Pill, baby!

So what’s cooking? A lot, I can tell you!

I have a new single coming out! It’s the third and likely the last single that I’m going to release before the album launch. The song is called “The Blue Pill” and it’ll be out on 7 June. Here’s the cover image. That’s my best Agent Smith impression right there.

The Blue Pill was one of the first tracks I wrote after my long hiatus from making music. It’s probably my favorite from the entire album (I can’t quite decide whether I love The Blue Pill or Dark Heart the most…).

In fact, I would attribute the entire album’s existence to this song. If it hadn’t turned out so well, I might have not bothered writing more. But I loved it so much that I immediately wanted to write more, and before I knew it, I had an album in my hands.

I’ve also been working on a video for this song. It’s still in editing, but it will be out on 7 June as well. Here are some sneaky peaky previews.

7 June will be a big day

This was supposed to be the album release date, but I’ve postponed it until 23 August. But a lot will be going on on that day.

The album pre-sale will also start on 7 June. I’ve partnered with a Finnish record store, who will be handling my CD and Vinyl sales. They have the warehouses and the mailing rooms and lots of people handling this stuff, so they will be able to get the records over to you much faster and cheaper than I ever could. They ship worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can order and get the records really easily from them. I’ll share the links and the info on the day.

AND, if you backed me on my Indiegogo campaign back in March, you will start receiving your perks. They may not come on that day exactly, but they will start making their way to you that week and the next. (except for vinyl, but you knew that, right?)

In Short on 7 June:

From Europe, with love

This month got me thinking about Europe a lot. I’m a citizen of both Finland and the United Kingdom so I’ve been busy visiting the polling stations. Earlier this month I voted in the Finnish Euro elections and later this week I will be doing the same for Britain. Maybe for the first and the last time. 

And then, of course, there was the Eurovision Song Contest. Love it or loathe it, there really isn’t anything else like it. The show has reached epic proportions and nothing beats the kitchy-ness of it all. It’s the most horrendous cheesefest and the most wonderful celebration of Europe all at the same time.

I haven’t quite figured out why Australia is part of the Eurovisions, but their contestant had totally stolen my Villainess look!


I hope you're having a wonderful week.

Until next time,


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