2019 was crazy... but good!

2019 was crazy... but good!

I've been spending the past few days looking back at 2019 and I can only describe it as crazy. And good. Crazy good!

Pretty much a year ago, I travelled back from Finland after a session in the studio I can't believe it's only been a year. Feels like years and years ago!

I've been writing little monthly summaries in this blog throughout the year, so you can find them all under "Monthy Reviews". But here's the quick summary:


January - Mixing and mastering the album. Album photoshoots.

February - Released Dark Heart single + video

March - Ran the Crowdfunding campaign (thanks you everyone who supported me you made all the rest of it possible!)

April - Released Villainess single + video

May - Manufactured CD and vinyl

June - Released The Blue Pill single + video. Shipped crowdfunding CDs and apparel.

July - Shipped crowdfunding vinyl

August - Released All Monsters are Human single + video. Released Villainess the Album. Villainess hits the charts in Finland at #7!

September - Promoting Villainess. Released Villainess (Tensil Tonnis Remix).

October - Played a sold-out gig with my former band Velcra in Finland. Released Rich Happy Hot (Muzoid Remix).

November - Released the book "Becoming Villainess" + new merch designs.

December - Releasing All Monsters Are Human (Dr Moody Remix). Coming up on 27 December.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Looking back, it seems pretty crazy, but I've had a great time! I hope you've enjoyed all the music and art I've been putting out.


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